One month of Siri

This last week marked the passing of the first month of our daughter Siri Mae’s life. A month that was marked by many firsts for us and Siri.

  • Siri’s baptism
  • Christmas on our own (with a family of three!)
  • Walking out of church with a screaming child
  • Father/daughter afternoon nap (and evening, night, early morning, late morning and noon naps)
  • Projectile vomit (all over dad)
  • Carseat in dad’s car
  • Grandchild for G & G Polzin
  • Granddaughter for G & G Bilitz
  • Bath (by dad at the hospital after delivery)
  • Outgrown clothes
  • Blow-out diaper
  • Emergency room visit
  • First trip to the mall (Christmas dress shopping)
  • First trip to a restaurant (Potbelly!)
  • First piano lesson

We are very blessed to have such a beautiful baby girl and so many firsts in her first month with us. Here’s to many more firsts for our family.

P.S. if you want more of this kind of post be sure to check out my wife’s blog.








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