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One month of Siri

This last week marked the passing of the first month of our daughter Siri Mae’s life. A month that was marked by many firsts for us and Siri.

  • Siri’s baptism
  • Christmas on our own (with a family of three!)
  • Walking out of church with a screaming child
  • Father/daughter afternoon nap (and evening, night, early morning, late morning and noon naps)
  • Projectile vomit (all over dad)
  • Carseat in dad’s car
  • Grandchild for G & G Polzin
  • Granddaughter for G & G Bilitz
  • Bath (by dad at the hospital after delivery)
  • Outgrown clothes
  • Blow-out diaper
  • Emergency room visit
  • First trip to the mall (Christmas dress shopping)
  • First trip to a restaurant (Potbelly!)
  • First piano lesson

We are very blessed to have such a beautiful baby girl and so many firsts in her first month with us. Here’s to many more firsts for our family.

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Baby Registries

Jessie decided it’s time to start the baby registries. Similar to Jessie deciding it’s time to start nesting (that was about 2.5 weeks in). So now the registries are up, the garage sale shopping has begun and new, baby-related items magically appear every other week.

During the baby registration process I was given sole responsibility for choosing a baby monitor. A task I took on with an appropriate level of gusto.

My first thought: throw a Cisco 8945 in the baby room with auto-answer on and get a Cius to carry around the house as the ‘monitor’. I pre-wired the bedrooms shortly after we moved in and have an NME etherswitch module in my 2821 providing 24 ports of PoE to the house so all the infrastructure is in place. But Jessie quickly shot that down. I think mostly due to the pricetag slightly north of $1k.

Back to the traditional methods…

  1. Video or no video. I decided no video. If my baby can’t get Cisco video it’s not getting any video.
  2. Next requirement was DECT.
    • There’s no way I was going to let my baby’s babbling duke it out in the 2.4 or 5 GHz range along with the 20-some home wireless networks I can see from my living room.
    • Plus, the extra range lets me hang out in my neighbor’s driveway with a cold beer in hand while still carefully monitoring the baby room.
    • Third DECT benefit.. 120 encrypted channels. The neighbors down the street don’t need to listen to me read the little one Chicka Chicka Boom Boom at 3am.
  3. Read reviews on Amazon and at least two other consumer/baby websites, check.
  4. Download manuals… read manuals…
  5. Price check Amazon, the big box stores & Google

Finally decided on the Philips Avent monitor. I think this is why Jessie only gave me a couple items to pick out. It’d be middle of next year before the baby gets a crib at this rate.